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Vocal Champion, Vocal Chameleon, Vocal Magician, Vocal Machine, The Lion of the Vocal Kingdom, Gana Gandharva

The Number one Singer in the World 

Our legendary Singer Balu


Interview with Baluji

Balu Pellipusthakam

SPB singing Rafi's Song

SPB at Vajrostchavam

SPB... what he likes

SPB...Endaro Mahanubhavulu

SPB and AR Rahman....Anjali Anjali....

His Phenomenal songs in Telugu

Raave Kavya suma bala.....1st song, Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna.1966

Prathi raathri vasanta raathri....with Ghantasala, 1969,

Ee reyi thiyyanidi .... Chitte Chellelu, 1970

Mama Chandamama...for Chelum..........Sambarala Rambabu, 1970

Suvvi suvvi  chude volammi...for Padmanabham,Jeevitha Chekram, 1971

Anuvu Anuvuna Velasina deva....Manavudu Danavudu, 1972

Mrogindi veena pade pade...Jamindaru gari ammayi,1975

Aakasam nunchi nakosam vacchava....for Rajababu, Mugguru Ammayilu,1974

Kurisindi vaana nagunde lona...for Chelum, Bullemma Bullodu,1972

Yekkado doorana koorchunnavu...Devudamma,1972

Cherana Kinkinulu .... for Sobhan Babu, Chelleli Kapuram, 1971

Ye divilo virisina pari jathamo...Kanne vayasu,1973

Vachitiva balya mithrama....for Naga Bhushanam, Collector Janaki,1972

Kusalama neeku kusalamena........for Sobhan Babu, Bali Peetham,1975

Muthyalu vasthava.... for Allu Rama Lingaiah, Manushulantha Okkate,1976.

Anubhavinchu raaja....Manushulanta Okkate, for NTR,1976

Sirimalle neeve.... Pantulamma,1977

Pathiye prathyaksha daivame......For Allu, Ame Katha, 1977

Erakkapoyi vacchanu Irukku poyanu.....for ANR, Alumagalu,1977

Chudu pinnamma ... for Maada, Chillara kottu Chittemma, 1977

Manishi puttina vaadu ....for NTR, Adavi Ramudu,1977

Mallelu poose..... for Ranganath, Intinti Ramayanam,1978

Ravi Varma ke andani ....for ANR, Ravanude Ramudaithe,1979

Omkara nadanu sandhanamou ganame ...Sankarabharanam,1979

Kotha devudandi....for Nutan Prasad, Raajadhi Raaju,1980

Vedam anuvanuna nadam....Sagara Sangamam,1983

Dehamera Devalayam......for Sobhan Babu, Devalayam,1985

Vidhatha Thalapuna ......Sirivennela,1986

O papa lali...... for Nagarjuna, Geetanjali,1989

Punya Bhoomi Nadesam Namo Namami....for NTR, Major Chandrakanth,1993

More .....

Paadalane vunnadi  mansiche manishunte ..........Chillara devullu

Idepata prathi chota....   Puttinillu mettinillu

Gana Gandhrava...Padmashri Dr.S.P.Balasubrahmanyam

On..On...On.......Wow !!! How did he do that?!!!

 Four decades on, and his voice continues to work magic. How did he manage to change with the times?

In his own words 

 "Do you think I achieved it? It just happened. I have just been sincere. I respect my profession but I also love life. So, I enjoyed it. Even today when I face the microphone, I feel it is my first song," he says.

 If listening to him is a delight, an exclusive rendezvous is unforgettable. So, a few minutes of wait for a tête-à-tête after a stage show do not matter. As promised, he walks in and with the trademark smile lighting up his face, says, "Thanks for your patience." That is S. P. Balasubrahmanyam for you.

He continues to mesmerise millions with his effortless singing, whatever be the genre. The Guinness Book of World Records calls him an artiste with the maximum number of recorded songs (over 36,000 songs in many languages and counting), six National awards, a successful innings as a dubbing artiste, actor and composer.

Becoming a singer, he says, is destiny. "There are talented people who cannot become singers. And, there are `very ordinary singers' like me who have become singers. What I tell budding singers is, be original. If you try to imitate someone, you will not get any recognition. Have your own style and voice concept and try to improve."

SPB favours technological advances and says his transition from the harmonium days to the present when technology plays a key role, has been smooth. "Technology makes recording much easier for singers. However, how it is being used matters. There has to be a balance so that it doesn't take away the soul of the song."

Ask him if technology has given rise to more opportunities for current-day singers, and he says: "I'm happy that singers now get opportunities more easily. Maybe, because of technology. But also because people like A. R. Rahman wanted variety and introduced new voices."

But the problem is too many voices and singers, who "come, sing and are forgotten. I wish them a long career. At least a handful of talented singers should have been nurtured and given more opportunities. With six songs being sung by six different people, they are neither here nor there. It may be healthy for the industry, but we don't even know who is singing." Why do today's songs lack staying power? Even now, it is melodies such as ye divilo viririsina, mama chandamama,  and Tere mere beech mein that continue to top many youngsters' list of favourites. To this, he flashes his characteristic smile. "I am glad I am still everybody's favourite." And continues, "Where do you have situational songs in films now? Only such songs stay in people's memory. Today, songs are used like fillers. Add them or remove them, it makes little difference. I hope it is a passing phase."




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