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Chakri is one of the few music directors in Tollywood who boasts highest success rate. He has biggest musical blockbusters to his credit. His music played a vital role in the success of Desamuduru. And Dhee was also appreciated for its songs. Now, he is on roll again. In chitchat with the media he talks about his latest film Takkari and other movies..

About Takkari music:

After Desamuduru, I have liked Takkari this year. Combining with a choreographer turned director and composing for Nitin is a new experience. A new combination, indeed. Since the release of Jayam, both Nitin and I wanted to work together but somehow it didn't happen till Takkari happened. As luck would have it, I composing for all three new films of his. So I wanted to give complete new kind of music that can be enjoyed by all kind of audiences. I have tried my level best to provide variety in all the five songs. All the songs in the film are fresh and don't have any influence or shades.

Composing for a choreographer:

Choreographers do have great music sense. This is new experience working for a choreographer turned director Amma Rajashekar. He extracted best and he is presenting Nitin in a new look. Nitin will surprise everyone in the film. He did a dance bit that lasts 1 minute 20 seconds and remember it is single shot sequence. That is why, I say after Desamuduru, this movie has high energetic songs.

Introducing Zubin Garg to Telugu:

I have always been tried to introduce new singers. In Takkari, we have brought in Zubin Garg to Telugu. He sang super hit numbers like Ya..Ali in Gangster (Hindi). His peculiar voice helped bring novelty to the song Yele..Yelele.. Apart from that, I have introduced another new singer Shivani. I have recently conducted a Talent Search for singers. Shivani, a 8th standard girl, came into the finals but didn't win. Yet, I liked her voice and promised to give her chance. I called her in for a track song but after she sung it we have decided that she has great voice.

On influence of Arabic/Sufi songs:

Yes, I agree that some of my songs have touch of Arabic but the tunes are not composed in that way. They are sung in sufi style to get variation. You find that touch in the songs - Ninne ..Ninne from Desamuduru and Konchem Konchem Koriki Tinu from Dhee.

On Re-recording:

The allegation that I don't give good re-recording is totally wrong. What about Dhee and Devadasu? I might not have given a background score like Keeravani gaaru did for Chatrapathi, but it is my fault. I didn't get such films. It all depends upon the directors and kind of films that come to us.

Bollywood Dreams:

Would love to work for Hindi film but that is not what I am aiming. Rather than that I will soon come up with a Hindi music album. Work is under progress.

Charity and talent search:

I have been doing charity work in my capacity. I am giving scholarships to poor students and helping some Engineering students in their fees. Also I do conduct blood donation camps. Every year, I am increasing the funds for it. Also, I regularly nurture new talent. It is my idea to introduce a new singer with each film.

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