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 Chandhala Kesavadasu was the first lyric writer, his lyrics were used for the first time in Bhaktha Prahallada. After him the lyrics of Telugu films underwent a distinct change and later on, Chandra Bose took over from C. Narayan Reddy, Veturi and Siri Vennala Seetarama Sastry and is currently considered one of the best lyricists in the Telugu film industry. Chandra Bose spends four hours to come up with a song and will not pass it on to the director unless he’s completely satisfied. Apart from the research and logic that goes into the making of the song the lyricist says he puts in plenty of love which is accompanied by responsibility and is 24x7 experimenting with his words.


“My father wanted me to be a freedom fighter, instead nenu padhaala tho shanti poratam chestunnanu,” says Subash Chandra Bose. According to him a good song is one which has an emotion, a musical quality, meaning and also rhymes. Further it should remind one of yesterday, reconstruct today and set standards for tomorrow. The lyricist doesn’t boast of any degrees in Telugu literature and has derived inspiration from all his predecessors and picked up the cinematic jargon by listening to the radio, watching television, reading and from the songs that came from his neighbourhood temple. He adds, “I have not only imbibed the culture of the Telugu language but also fell in love with it, and discovered a capacity to understand its beauty.”


Chandra Bose is married to Suchitra a choreographer from the industry. They had met on a flight and became soul mates. “Our life is a song and a dance,” he describes.

The lyricist has composed 1,500 songs in 525 movies and cites the following numbers as his favourites…Mounangane edagamani, Ekkado Putti, Yela Yela Telupanu, Nee Navvula Telladhanani, Cheekati to Velige, Devadi Deva, Gudilo Devudu Edurai, Vennelintha Vediga..

About piracy, the lyricist has no hard feelings because he feels it is testimony to his popularity and appreciation. Since the Telugu film industry is a small place it becomes obvious if someone tries to flick words. It is often said that when Chandra Bose pens lyrics, music wraps itself around it to create a unique and soulful musical harmony.

The uncrowned king wants his name to be etched in the music world but as of now Y.V.S. Chowdhary has aptly given him the title ‘ahitya Chicharapidugu’ For a man with a penchant for playing with words to create a rhapsody with music, Chandra Bose, in his own words, has just begun.


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