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 Kanchanamala --- a dream flower in the garland of films

Kanchanamala was synonymous with beauty. She was hailed as the film world's fairy and as Andhra Gretagarbo. As a matter of fact, the expression 'glamour heroine' in film industry began with Kanchanamala. Her full name was Chithajallu Kanchanamala. She first played the role of a maid of honour 'chelikatte' in 'Srikrishna Tulabharam' at an age of 17 years under the direction of C Pullaiah in 1935. Later she became a heroine and acted in several films, including 'Vipranarayana', 'Malapilla', 'Grihalakshmi', 'Vandemataram', 'Mallee Pelli' and 'Bala Nagamma'. She endeared herself to the audiences by sheer dint of her natural performance in all her films. Calendars carrying her picture were sold like hot cakes in those days. That was her image.The 'star craze' in film industry began with Kanchanamala alone. Though she had a lot of future, she maintained distance from film industry due to a threat by one film producer. This dream girl of Telugu audiences lost her mental balance, fell sick and died.

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