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M.Bala Muralikrishna

Dr.Balamuralikrishna born on 6.7.1930 at Sankaraguptam in Andhra Pradesh of Pattabiramiah and Suryakantam. He has made major contributions to the various fields of Classical Carnatic music, light music and the silver screen. A child prodigy, he learnt for a brief spell of six months from Parupalli Ramakrishnaiah Pantulu. He made his debut at Vijayawada at the Aradhana of his guru's guru Susarla Dakshinamurthy Sastri in 1938. His first radio concert was in 1939. Apart from vocal music, he was also proficient in playing the viola, violin, mridangam and kanjira. 
He had accompanied several great vocalists like Ariyakudi, Chembai, Maharajapuram Santhanam, GNB and Parupalli on the violin. He has given Jugalbandhis and solo vocals without accompanists. He has composed about 300 kritis, varnams, tillanas, etc. Inspired by Swami Vimalananda of Kuttalam Mutt he has composed 72 songs in 72 melakarta ragas in sanskrit and Telugu. Murali is his mudra. He has created new ragas and talas.

He also sang for some Telugu movies Andala ramudu, Muthyala Muggu

countries such as USA, Canada, France, Italy, Singapore, USSR, Malaysia, SriLanka.. He has received numerous awards and titles, a few of which are - "Presidential Medal" in 1953; "Padma Sri" in 1971 from the President; "Sangita Kalanidhi" in 1975 from the Music Academy, Chennai; "Sur Singer" in 1975 from Sangeeth Peeth, Mumbai; Doctorate (Honoris Causa) in 1975 from the Andhra University; "National Award for best music director" in 1975; "Karnataka Award for best music director" in 1976; "National Award for best male playback singer" in 1987; "Padma Vibushan" from the President of India; "Sangita Kala Nipuna" in 1987 from the Mylapore Fine Arts Society; "Sangita Kala Sikhamani in 1991 from the Indian Fine Arts Society; "Gayaka Ratnam" in 1992 from Sri Swati Tirunal Sangeetha Sabha"; "Saptagiri Sangita Vidwanmani in 1992 from Tyagaraja Trust, Tirupati.


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