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 It was first Bhanumathi, then S.Janaki, followed by M.M.Srilekha (music composer Keeravani's sister). S.Varalakshmi and P.Leela have also composed music but for private albums (devotional mostly).

MM Srilekha has become a music director at a very tender age of 12 and made her debut into films through ''Nannagaru''. She scored music for over 40 films including ''Taj Mahal, Dharma Chakram, Sivanna, Adirindayya Chandram, Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila'' and so on. She might complete the 50-films mark by 2008 and earn a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as a young music director who scored tunes for 50 films. This young music director is celebrating her birthday on September 8. Here are the excerpts from an interview with

In an Interview with a popular magazine

How did you get your first chance at a very tender age?

It is not young age. It is just a tender age. I was just 12 years old. Dasari  Narayana Rao noticed the spark in me and gave me the opportunity. I made my debut in a film 'Nannagaru' directed by him. I will be grateful to him all through my life.

Didn't you inform the Guinness Book of World Records about your achievement?                                         No. In fact, none of us know how to approach them.                                                                                   Did you learn classical music?                                                                             Yes. I started learning. But meanwhile I have become a music director. So I couldn't learn much. But I was able to learn the music so far that is needed for film music with all my experience in films.

I really meant that she may going to be a first popular female music director in south.M.M srileka or (Manimegali?) composed for Nalaiya theerpu(vijay's debut film)but after that she didn't try any films.(i think may be she did)
But others are not doing any films.Even Singer Anuradha Sriram also a good composer (Chennai fgirl) and now she is doing with her husband(5 stars).So i didn't mean the very first but I thought she may be going to be a 1st successful female music director in films.But let us see how she will manage films.How is her mithru?where i can hear that music?(songs or Soundtrack)

Which of the films brought you a good recognition as music director?

It is 'Taj Mahal' that earned good recognition as a music director. Incidentally, it is the debut film of director Muppalaneni Siva and lyricist Chandrabose.

You score music for small budget and young heroes. There is a comment that you are not getting good opportunity to play music for big heroes' films. Why?

Who said that? It is a wrong notion. I scored music for 'Dharma Chakram' of Venkatesh, 'Sivanna' of Dr Rajasekhar, 'Moodu Mukkalata' of Jagapatibabu. All these are big heroes' films. Isn't it? There are chances for scoring music for Nagarjuna's film very soon.

It's Okay. Why there is no longevity to the current generation songs like the old classics? What is your comment on this?

It is just because of speed. Like in all the other issues, the speed in film music also took a good pace. That is why, the songs are getting tuned at a terrible speed and are vanishing in the thin air with the same speed.

How far it is justified to make the songs sung by other language singers, who don't know our language properly?

Of course, it is a little problematic. But we are forced to take them for a change and variety in voice. But you can find good singers also among them. For example… Chitra. She is basically a Malayalee. She doesn't know Telugu. But her songs are becoming widely popular among the audiences. Is it not true?

Who is your favorite God?                                                                                Jesus!

What is your favorite tourist spot?                                                                     Goa. Not just Goa, I like any beach.

What is your favorite food?                                                                                    I like chicken dishes very much.

What are your current projects?                                                                         The latest flick of hero Sivaji, 'Maisamma IPS' of Dasari Narayana Rao, 'Tinnamaa… Padukunnaamaa… Tellaarindaa…' of Ali are the projects currently on hand. Two, three others are yet to be finalised.

What is your life ambition?                                                                            Scoring music to a Bollywood film is my dream. I worked for a film and did re-recording for that Bollywood movie. But I did not get an opportunity to work for a Hindi film in a full-fledged way. Possibly, I could achieve that aim very soon.


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