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Ramakrishna was born to V. Rangasai and V. Ratnam on 20 August, 1947. Well-known singer P. Suseela is his paternal aunt. His first seeing Ghanatasala at Gemini Studio when he went there along with his aunt during the recording of the song 'Pillanagrovi Pilupu' made him very happy, says this singer. In the beginning he used to sing light music for AIR Yuvavani programs under the music direction of Chittaranjan. He sang two songs unexpectedly in place of B. Mohanaraju for a family planning documentary. ANR happening to hear the songs offered him an opportunity to sing along with Suseela for the film 'Vichitrabandham.' Ramakrishna had examinations coming in two months, and ANR was good enough to wait till the exams were over to have the songs sung by Ramakrishna. His first movie song is 'Vayase Oka Poolathota.' His other number, 'Chikkavu Chetilo Chilakamma' had the youth of the day swinging.

ANR used to say that 'our' V. Ramakrishna's voice had all that could be expected from Ghantasala's voice. His memorable songs include 'Manasuleni Devudu' and 'Telugu Veera Levara.' The two valuable gifts he received are the life size portrait of Ghantasala from a fan, and an autographed Canadian dollar note from another fan Dr. Haribabu. These two gifts fulfilled his desire for a photograph with Ghantasala. NTR had all the songs in 'Srimadviraat Veerabrahmendra Swamy Charitra' sung by Ramakrishna. His songs in the movies, Andala Ramudu, Mahakavi Kshetrayya, Chakradhari, Danaveera Sura Karna, Andaru Dongale, Bhakta Kannappa, Mutyala Muggu, etc., brought him great name and fame. He gave live concerts in the US and Dubai. B. Vasanta combined with him first but later Jyothi replaced her. He married her and his son Saikiran acts as a hero in movies.

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